Our Committees
The following is a list of our committees. Please click on the name of a committee below to view its description, officers and members.
Board of DirectorsThe Board of Directors are the governing body of the Association. There are currently 18 board members. Members who pay the maximum dues gain a seat on the board.
Committee for Product and Label IntegrityWorking with the Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Department, committee members develop positions referred to as “Backgrounders” on key scientific and compliance matters facing our industry. The committee oversees the Association’s TruLabel and GMP program and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the Association’s quality and purity standards.
Sports Nutrition CommitteeLed by the SR VP of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, committee members consist of leading Sports Nutrition brand executives. The committee acts as an industry watchdog to ensure safety standards are upheld and to promote transparency, integrity and fairness of the industry.